Café Mickey’s

Brand Identity


Mickey’s Café is an iconic spot in Morin-Heights. The new owner took over and changed the decor, added a terrace and asked us to completely review the brand image. Our mandate: update the branding by refreshing the logo and signature, put the café’s philosophy into words, and provide the visual and editorial elements for all the communication tools and promotional items.


Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design

New logo for Café Mickey's new brand image
Street sign for business with new logo and branding
New vibrant, earthy colour palette for new brand image
Merchandise: coffee cup tray with new logo
Tagline for the new brand image
Employee T-shirt and cap with new logo
Tote-bag with the new brand logo
Pastry wrapping paper with new logo


Mickey’s rich history reflects the uniqueness of Morin-Heights and the values of its community. Built in 1898, the building has gone through various incarnations. From a general store to a laundromat, it became a hangout for the town’s French and English speakers looking for a great cup of coffee, home cooking and a place to spend some quality time. With its outdoor fireplaces, yoga classes, shows and local art exhibits, the space continues to bring people together. The new branding had to transcend the clientele’s bilingual nature, the beauty of the natural surroundings and the place’s friendly atmosphere.


We focused on refreshing the logo, typography and colours. Forest, coffee, chocolate and complementary hues set the tone. A balance between upper- and lower-case letters inspires accessibility. The apostrophe moves fluidly with the variations, reminiscent of coffee roasting and Rivière à Simon. “Douceurs maison by the river” appears under the name as a nod to the bilingual population. Together, the elements depict the products made in-house and the river that runs alongside the terrace.


Strategic and creative efforts produced a modernized image that retains its personality. The café is now equipped for all its communication needs, with advertising and promotional items, including signs, packaging, aprons and caps, reflecting the spirit of the surroundings. Among the deliverables are T-shirts with funny phrases in French, English and even Frenglish. Mickey’s unique character has never been so clearly expressed.