Parc Oméga

Advertising Campaign


Parc Oméga hired Erod for the ideation, creation and rollout of its summer 2023 ad campaign. The campaign, which is being rolled out across various targeted media (e.g., television, web, billboards, radio) in an effort to connect with audiences, took place from June 19 to July 23, 2023. It aims to encourage families to visit the park during the beautiful summer months, when everyone is on vacation and planning activities for the whole family.


Rollout Strategy, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Advertising Strategy, Social Media Strategy

Street poster for Parc Omega's summer campaign
Summer advertising campaign based on corporate values
Graphic design of a magazine ad for Parc Omega's summer campaign
GIF with summer marketing campaign keywords
Marketing campaign results
Inspiration for summer advertising campaign developed by Erod creative agency


Respect for nature, a sense of wonder, authenticity and simplicity are just some of the values that shape Parc Oméga’s identity.

The resident fauna captivate and provide a fascinating immersive experience in the heart of Quebec’s wilderness. Visiting families find that their children (whether younger or older) come away transformed, having learned to appreciate, love and respect nature. Everyone enjoys a moment of quiet contemplation in the presence of all the animals and connects with this universal feeling. 

Although entertaining the entire family is rarely a restful experience, children and parents come away from Parc Oméga feeling relaxed. That’s why our campaign is aimed at both parents and children. Why choose a chaotic activity that overstimulates children (think water slides and amusement parks) when you can spend a day or more at Parc Oméga, surrounded by nature?


Our advertising concept sprang from a desire to give both young and old a unique opportunity to enjoy some quiet time during the summer months.

Captivating and fascinating, and directly plugged in to nature, Parc Oméga is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, which is exactly what our concept illustrates. Instead of focusing on energy-consuming and chaotic activities, our campaign’s quiet time highlights activities where participants appreciate and respect nature. What could be more zen?

And what better way to get there than to feature some of the park’s most popular residents? Elk, black bears and bison are recorded in their natural habitats in the park. They appear on screen for a few seconds, with no editing or special effects, providing a moment of pure contemplation, and a window into nature and its related benefits.


Three 15-second video ads were run on traditional TV (e.g., Noovo, CTV) and web (Radio-Canada, CBC) channels, and on social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube). Also broadcast on digital media, banner ads (Google Ads) were added to the campaign, along with large outdoor billboards. A 15-second radio ad, as well as a few print ads and articles (Journal de Montréal, La semaine) completed the rollout.