Brand Strategy


Born out of a need to simplify home renovation, BOX is a veritable revolution in the field. The company has committed to radically simplifying the process for its customers and offers a turnkey approach, from design to completion.

We were hired to create the brand from scratch by helping the client set up the company, and to deliver a brand guide. We were also responsible for the awareness campaign ideation, design and rollout strategy.


Web Design, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design

Video of the new logo and branding for the new company. Advertising agency.
Ambient bathroom photo for new brand. Advertising agency.
Animation of the graphic elements of the new brand image. Advertising agency.
Video of the new logo animated on a colourful background from the brand's new colour palette. Greater Montreal marketing agency.
Color palette developed for new brand image based on colors of renovation products. Greater Montreal marketing agency.
Container and delivery boxes with new company logo in a customer's driveway. Greater Montreal marketing agency.
Kiosk for store and delivery truck with new company logo. Greater Montreal marketing agency.
Mock-up design for new website. Greater Montreal advertising agency.
Instagram grid for the social media component of the digital strategy. Greater Montreal advertising agency.
Visual feel for the new company's brand image. Greater Montreal advertising agency.
Black employee and customer T-shirt and cap with new company logo. Greater Montreal advertising agency.
Highway sign for new company launch campaign. Greater Montreal advertising agency.


BOX’s turnkey bathroom renovation experts provide unique and unparalleled support. To achieve its vision, namely to become the reference in its field, the company had to deliver a clear message: think bathroom renovation, think BOX. The branding strategy revolves around its core values and the unique benefits that it offers, and is effectively conveyed to its target audiences.


Whether promoted through traditional or digital media, the brand’s unique values are the focus of the rollout. The creation involves unique items, including containers that reflect the brand, and information and in-store online ordering booths.

BOX’s slogan gets right to the point: “A New Way to Renovate” perfectly summarizes BOX’s commitment to renovation efficiency and innovation. “Turnkey Bathrooms+” unambiguously highlights the product, and opens the door to other services to come.


The creation and promotion of the novelty and innovation of this turnkey service dictate the rollout strategy. The strategy is being rolled out in big box building supply and renovation stores across Ontario and on social media. It is aimed at all target audiences, private owners, and renovation and decor professionals.