Multimedia Campaign, Rollout Strategy


Like all cities, the municipality of Bois-des-Filion is facing new environmental realities. Ahead of a significant upgrade of its waste management practices, we were given the mandate to communicate, in two phases, the upcoming changes (schedules, bins, labels), the positive results associated with the collective efforts, and the benefit for everyone of making a habit of going to the ecocentre to reduce the amount of salvageable materials sent to landfills. Through a multimedia campaign over several months and a rollout strategy aimed at all Bois-des-Filion residents, we successfully conveyed all the messages needed to achieve the municipality’s goals.


Rollout Strategy, Artistic Direction, Marketing Strategy, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design

Animation of the teaser for the awareness campaign. Erod agence créative, marketing agency grand Montreal.
Colorful animation of the campaign line to catch the eye of the target audience. marketing agency grand Montreal
Street signage for the awareness campaign for the new waste collection measures. marketing agency grand Montreal
Facebook publication to raise awareness of new waste collection measures
Ecological pamphlet for the citizens of Bois-des-Fillions. Erod, Quebec advertising agency.
Hand that recycles with the campaign tagline. Erod, Quebec advertising agency.


We used a phase-by-phase approach to define the focus and pillars of communication. Residents would have to adopt the necessary changes without being lectured. Obviously, there was a need to change some deeply ingrained habits. To avoid pain points, we focused on positive engagement and step-by-step, generous and motivating support. We wanted to promote participation in progress, and demonstrate the simplicity of the new actions to be taken and their positive impact. Like the tone, the message had to be clear and accessible to everyone; friendly, yet convincing.


Sorting, reducing, using a smaller bin and cutting down on waste collection became “Less is better.” Without using a moralizing tone, the hook is clear and understood. Phase 2, detailing the positive results and benefits of the ecocentre, are in keeping with the same spirit. Accessible to everyone, the graphic elements speak for themselves. The colour palette, typography and iconography invite the public to perceive this reform with simplicity, pride and responsibility. The campaigns were created in three stages: before, during and after the changes.


Over roughly one year, we accompanied Bois-des-Filion and its residents by rolling out 5,000 door hangers and information pamphlets, a landing page, bus shelter and panel signage, a Google campaign, posts on the City’s Facebook page and a press release. Citizens are clearly informed about the changes and the new habits to adopt, and can now congratulate themselves on exceeding the targets set by the municipality in only a few months.