Brand and Rollout Strategy, Advertising Campaign


With 37 stores in Quebec and New Brunswick, Flordeco, the banner specializing in flooring, wall coverings and decor, offers turnkey service. Founded over 15 years ago, Flordeco is experiencing issues regarding the consistency and direction of its communications. To address this situation and help Flordeco achieve its goals, we’ve been given the mandate to deliver a brand strategy (and guidelines), as well as the ideation, design and rollout strategy for a multiplatform awareness campaign.


Rollout Strategy, Web Design, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design, Video Production



Flordeco’s consulting, design and installation specialists provide unique support. To achieve the consolidation and development goals, and help Flordeco become THE reference in the field, the message has to be clear: when you think renovation, think Flordeco. The brand strategy is developed around the company’s distinct values and benefits. To reach its target audiences, Flordeco has to clearly reflect its family-oriented, efficient and accessible spirit.


The slogan gets right to the point: “From inspiration to installation.” The “in” refers to the trendy locations and interiors. The new palette offers more possibilities in terms of atmosphere, and stands out from a commercial and competition standpoint. “So much more than floors” highlights the range of products and services. All the rooms and visual elements featured have the same natural appeal. The concepts of support and simplicity across radio, television, print and digital media are the central focus of the campaign.


The promotion of turnkey services, position as leader and acquisition of new franchisees guide the rollout strategy. Consultation, inspiration and installation, the cornerstones of Flordeco’s success, are the main focus areas. The campaign is underway in stores, across digital and traditional media channels and on social media, and aims to reach all target audiences, from private owners to renovation and interior design professionals.