Atelier SENS

Brand and Rollout Strategy, Website


VBGA Architectes is a growing company that has been working in the institutional and parapublic sectors for over 50 years. Following a change of partners, the company is experiencing a renewal that it wants to evoke and sustain by changing its name. Our mandate: create and display a strong and inspiring new brand that aligns with the vision of its current partners.


Rollout Strategy, Web Design, Web Programming, Web Integration, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Graphic Design, Video Production



A fresh start means new branding and a new name. Given its highly competitive business and hiring context, VBGA Architectes wants to promote its vision and values. What sets it apart? Responsive architecture that results in promising projects focused on the well-being of the community and its employees. We want to develop a strategy that aligns with the company’s sustainability goals, position as a leader, and needs in terms of employer brand.


We’re launching the creative process on the premise that, to be successful, an architectural project has to engage all the senses. The company’s responsive and collaborative spirit led to the creation of “Atelier SENS, architecture fondamentale.” Organic and structured, the new logo evokes the five senses and the foundation needed for strong architecture. The typography, palette and imagery inspire accessibility, partnership and drive. The key branding elements are used in all the media required for the points of contact.


The new brand is being launched using a rollout strategy designed to connect with the company’s target audiences. An engagement and remarketing campaign is being used to reach employees, clients, prospects and the business community. Event, social media (FB, IG, IN, Pinterest), digital campaign (Google, Meta, IN) and trade magazines: everything’s in place to announce the new Atelier SENS, raise its profile and promote the vision and values of its new partners.