Indigo Soda TEST

Rollout Strategy, 2024


In 2024, Indigo Soda’s main goal was to build awareness in Quebec and Ontario, with a Canada-wide impact. Based on two years of success, the strategy focused on refreshed visual elements, campaign messages and a media mix that drew heavily and simply on the brand’s pillars of communication. By highlighting these pillars (economical, compatible and exchangeable), we challenged major competitors such as SodaStreamMC, in the hopes that the brand would play a significant role in the market and in the lives of consumers.


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Highway sign for the awareness campaign. Advertising agency Montreal.
Street posters for the brand's visibility campaign. Communications agency Montreal.
Facebook, Instagram and Google visuals and images for the digital component of the awareness campaign. Advertising agency Montreal.
Photo shoot for the digital component of the campaign to roll out the brand's new products. Marketing agency Montreal.
Photo shoot for new products, digital campaign visuals and images for recipe and cocktail articles for website SEO. Marketing agency Montreal.
Photo shoot for the digital campaign and for images of recipe and cocktail articles for the website's SEO. Marketing agency Montreal.


Indigo’s goal of increasingly being seen as the main alternative to SodaStream, expanding its growth as a brand, acquiring more market share and generating more sales was central to our thinking. This new awareness campaign and refresh of the vast majority of visual elements was a way of extending the brand launch. The main goal was to achieve greater visibility: we acted as though the brand were still unknown to the general public.


At first, we drew inspiration from the colourful branding created by the agency, hoping to take it even further with an advertising message that would serve as an anchor. We provided audiences with an energizing advertising experience that would make a strong impression. We created movement through bright colours, and energy through lively animation and rhythmic music, producing carefully edited content that would be viewed over and over again. We drew attention with sparkling, fresh and festive eye candy, both in the advertising messages and the refreshed visual elements on social media and the web.


This new awareness phase for Indigo was rolled out through a strategy aimed at reaching its target audience, while embracing a desire to build the brand among as broad a public as possible. Through television ads that use cutting-edge motion design, we aimed to capture the imagination by promoting a fresh and current image. We featured short key words that became inextricably linked to the product. In addition, a digital campaign (Google, Meta) directly modelled on the ads expanded awareness and the pillars on all fronts.