Indigo Soda

Branding and Rollout Strategy


Helping a Quebec company create and market its new product—a CO2cylinder exchange service compatible with all carbonation devices—in a market already dominated by big names, requires skill, strategy and a dose of courage and faith! This is exactly what Erod brought to the creators of Indigo Soda, the new carbonation product solution that allows Quebec consumers to enjoy local bubbles! 

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Two years after the official launch of the Indigo brand in January 2022, we have sparkling results!

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In order to penetrate a market dominated by prominent, well-established brands, it was important to leverage the pluses that set Indigo Soda apart. So the agency highlighted Indigo Soda’s advantages for the launch of Quebec's carbonation product solution. Through a targeted digital strategy and local activation with provincial retailers (who became true partners of the brand), Indigo Soda is gradually assuming its place within the industry. 


The use of an elegant and simple name opens the door for a more eye-catching brand image. Smart contrasts, vibrant colours and abstract graphic shapes suggest drops of water, bubbly effervescence and the lively explosion that transforms flat water into a sparkling treat.The slogan Local Sparkle appeases consumers' concerns for buying local. A local product, for locals, by locals. A winning trifecta!


La marque prend vie et se diffuse à travers une stratégie numérique bien ficelée, alliant plateformes numériques, Web et médias sociaux. La participation active des marchands locaux, tous plus fiers l’un que l’autre de contribuer au succès d’une marque d’ici, est également au cœur de la stratégie. Leur engouement et dévotion envers la marque locale est assurément un facteur clé de succès de ce lancement pour le moins coloré.