Changes within a team can sometimes open the door for unexpected developments. This is exactly what happened to HZDS Architectes, who took advantage of this wind of change to reassess its name and brand. The goal: to modernize the architectural firm’s image by focusing on its best asset - its expertise.


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A coherent and unique identity is constructed from a history, a personality, a vision and values. It’s the very essence of a company, driving all of its actions.

It is also the fuel that inspires the creation of its image, the foundation of its world. Z&D Architectes was born from an idea, an opportunity and the collaboration of creative masterminds.


Moderation. This is the watchword that guided the emergence of the firm's new visual identity. The goal: use the architecture projects, without diminishing them, to demonstrate the expertise on offer.

The modern typography brings dignity to the brand and creates a contrast to its structured aspect. A magnificent nod to architectural work, which combines accuracy and purity.


Used on the firm's website and on its various communications platforms and corporate tools, the brand inhabits every part of the business.

It’s an integral part of the firm's philosophy and has engaged the team around a common vision: to offer unparalleled expertise to make each project shine.