Usine du bon vivant

Brand and Rollout Strategy


Usine du bon vivant brings together four well-known brands. All experiencing strong growth, La Microbrasserie Shawbridge, Le Saint-Sau Pub Gourmand, Le P’tit Magasin and Les Distributions Shawbridge want to consolidate their individual positioning and increase their collective reputation. Our team was hired to develop an overall branding strategy for Usine and its various entities. The strategy includes a branding guide, content strategy, digital campaign, video clips and packaging redesign.


Rollout Strategy, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Digital Strategy, Social Media Strategy

Brand organization chart for the brand strategy
New packaging for Shawbridge's Gelato ice cream selection
Brand guide for the new brand image
Color palette and merchandise for the new brand image
Burst of behind-the-scenes images for advertising videos
Ambient photo of the new brand image


The group’s popularity provides an opportunity to strengthen its image and tactics. Knowing that Shawbridge beer production has doubled and that its merchandizing business is experiencing the same growth, our strategists define the affiliates by highlighting their unique and shared qualities. We develop a branding guide and content strategy; the four entities will profit from growth in their distinctive environments, while benefiting from their family ties.


Our creative staff highlight Usine’s unifying and friendly spirit. Like the gelati and pizzas, the colourful gourmet packaging inspires quality and accessibility. The video clips convey the same contagious energy. A series of videos showcases the Bon Vivants craftspeople, while other reel clips featuring a range of content provide a behind-the-scenes look at chocolate and pizza making. All the deliverables allow the parent brand and its entities to express every aspect of their personality. 


The rollout strategy revolves around a specific publication schedule. The digital campaign is being launched on Usine’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube pages. The results are striking: a monthly average of 140,000 impressions, 615,000 single accounts reached, 32,000 interactions and an engagement rate of 4.3%. The campaign alone generates over 250 new members per month. The microbrewery, pub, store and product distribution feed their popularity, and Usine du bon vivant savours the achievement of its goals.