Animo etc.

Rollout Strategy, Advertising campaign


Established about a decade ago, the Animo etc. family has grown exponentially. With 30 franchises in Quebec, the pet products and services boutique wanted to gain the awareness and recognition it deserved. Our mandate: to build the brand by repositioning its marketing strategy, design, develop and carry out its advertising campaign, and roll out the campaign in order to achieve sales and visibility goals.


Rollout Strategy, Artistic Direction, Marketing Strategy, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design, Digital Strategy, Advertising Strategy, Social Media Strategy



Our strategists defined the qualities of Animo etc. With boutiques in the heart of residential neighbourhoods, well-trained teams, involved owners, a wide range of local products and an inventory tailored to customers’ needs, Animo etc. had valuable assets that set it apart from the competition. The team identified the brand pillars and target audiences by tracking pet owner profile statistics. We conducted an audit that revealed the marketing and communication shortfalls, and found tactical solutions to resolve them.


Our creative staff focused on the role that pets play in our lives. Since they’re an integral part of our families, we adore and spoil them. They take up a lot of room in our hearts… and our homes. The slogan “Where pets rule” was developed, with its double meaning. The brand’s humanity, accessibility and friendliness emerged, and the words reflected the silliness that pets inspire. Moving visuals, animated clips and radio spots were created and used.


To reach all targets and goals, the campaign was broadcast on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The rollout schedule on radio and web TV was designed to generate maximum impact at key times throughout the year. The results were compelling: the presence of Animo etc. increased tenfold, and its clientele is more engaged than ever. The brand’s marketing actions now live up to its reputation.