Brand and Deployment Strategy, Website


Maison Funéraire Groulx enlisted the services of the Erod creative agency to support the strategic development of their online cremation service, a new model of funeral rites adapted to today’s reality. A thoughtful reflection of the business followed, from choosing a name and developing a brand image to the rollout of a digital marketing campaign and transactional website.   


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Given the nature of the industry, our strategy is based first and foremost on simplicity. The target audience is looking for an easily accessible solution that bypasses the lengthy, conventional process of cremation. This alternative allows them to make informed decisions in the peace and comfort of their own homes. Thus it was clear that the website should make use of intuitive, straightforward navigation and subdued imagery.


The name Épilogue is proposed for the new online cremation service. It is a meaningful, poetic name that invokes a moment of closure, sealing the history of the deceased while honouring the memory of their life. The simple and clean logo incorporates an urn in the “O” of Épilogue, which symbolizes both remembrance and protection. The colour palette makes use of earth tones to soften the overall look.


The diversity and virtualization of the services available today allow people to take control of their own funeral planning. Consumers appreciate being able to make their own decisions and having access to fast and simple support. Affordability, real-time communication and an intuitive user system make this brand stand out from the competition. It is an alternative that makes sense in a world where each individual is free to grieve in their own way.