Founded over 20 years ago, Centre dentaire Beldent recently changed ownership. To continue its mission of excellence, minimize the risk of losing customers and ensure a smooth transition, the new owners wanted to rethink their positioning as a whole. Our mandate: define and create a custom brand image to rally the team and customers around a whole new identity.


Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design


The team identified the context, goals and target audience. Recognized for the quality of its welcome and its technologies, the centre ran into problems with hiring and retention. The change of administration was the perfect opportunity to strengthen customer confidence and, at the same time, take advantage of the employer brand. The new name and image had to inspire well-being and reflect the full spectrum of services. “Halo, dentisterie” was created.


A glowing light emanating from a person or a luminous ring around a light source, “Halo” is also a nod to the dentist’s blinding light. Its radiant effect inspires the logo, imagery and photography, which all feature a person in the foreground. The vibrant, complementary colours form a palette, which, like a smile, attracts attention. The typography is rounded, accessible and friendly. The overall visual identity evokes well-being and personal fulfillment for customers and employees.


Building on a strong brand and positioning, “Halo” is now being rolled out across all touchpoints. Business cards, interior design proposals for the centre, stationery, headers and signatures, visual content for social media: the branding promotes the trademark and the employer’s brand. Like a luminous aura radiating out from the centre, “Halo” is moving forward positively to achieve a successful transition and pursue its mission.