Advertising strategy


People with employment limitations are members of social groups that often face obstacles when trying to access employment. But for ITL, and for many employers, these employees possess considerable resources.

To evoke this, Erod created a recruitment campaign brand image for the organization with the catchphrase “In the right place.”


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In Quebec, ITL plays an important role in the employment arena. Its social values of solidarity and inclusion align perfectly with the glaring need for manpower.

Erod started the brief by analyzing the job market and reflecting on ITL's services and positioning within the industry.

This allowed Erod to devise guidelines that would make the ITL campaign a unique project, allying employees and employers.


Erod devised the catch phrase “In the right place” to highlight the reality of the recruitment process, inviting job seekers to put their talent in the right place, and employers looking for candidates, to put their energy in the right place.

Erod created a visual identity that is attractive to the target audience. We opted for a strong, distinguished and inspiring image.


The strategy behind this recruitment advertising campaign is demonstrated on two landing pages, one addressing employers and the other, workers.

Erod also implemented the digital component of the campaign: banners appearing on Facebook and Google platforms. At the heart of the campaign are two video clips featuring workers from participating companies, namely FedEx Mirabel and Tyroparc.