Le Grec



Le Grec Original dressings reached out to Erod to standardize its labels and recommend a unique visual signature that would help it stand out from the competition on grocery store shelves. The company then entrusted Erod with the creation strategy behind the introduction of all new flavours.


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We found our inspiration for the creation of the concept halfway between preserving the brand’s longstanding reputation and modernizing its image. We also personified the brand by associating it with the product. The slogan came naturally and, at the same time, highlights the introduction of the new flavour to the product line.


We took a bold step with the teaser: “Le Grec fait son frais.” The brand introduces consumers to the new flavour, namely creamy cucumber. The new simplified graphic design proposed by Erod returns the top selling dressing in Quebec to its rightful place: first. 


Through a poster campaign brimming with freshness and confidence, the company focuses on the unique characteristics of the feature ingredient in its new dressing: fresh, light, refreshing. Try it and you’ll love it!