Union des municipalités du Québec

Brand and Rollout Strategy


Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ) is expanding its offering with a new land use planning support service. A trusted partner, UMQ has dedicated itself exclusively to cities and their priorities for over a century. It has a vast reputation in the municipal world, but the impact of urban planning in political terms is less well known. Our mandate is to deliver a brand strategy (and guide) as well as the ideation, design and deployment strategy for a multi-platform brand awareness campaign.


Rollout Strategy, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Digital Strategy

graphic design of a street sign ad to announce the new service and brand image
design of a street flag to advertise the new service
design of a magazine ad to announce the new brand image
drafting of a tagline for the new service's advertising campaign, with houses in the visuals
design and printing of an advertising pamphlet for the new product image campaign
creation of a motion design video advertisement for the new service announcement campaign
design of a tote-bag and a crewneck sweater with the new branding  and newlogo


We identify UMQ’s competitive advantages. Its strategic and technical expertise, and undefeated knowledge of government legislation on land use planning are unique. The positioning must be based on the actual benefits that cities get from turning to UMQ instead of a private firm. It must clearly demonstrate the knowledge and deep understanding of the political issues and realities associated with urban planning. UMQ’s expert and non-profit support must transcend the launch of its new service.


Our creative team is aiming for an accessible and clear concept with a corporate tone. The name, which is too long, needs rethinking. Service-conseil en aménagement du territoire and its acronym SAT will be more sustainable, evocative and memorable. The visual elements and colour palette reflect all types of municipalities. The title “Your ally at every level” and the solid colours on a squared background bring SAT to life. The concept uses print, video and digital formats.


UMQ’s target audiences are known. Municipal executives and their teams are contacted through direct mailing and personalized newsletters. At the same time, the cities’ urban planners are kept informed through a LinkedIn campaign, which is also rolled out via Google Display Remarketing. Highly valued, the video is shown at UMQ training sessions and conferences. All members are involved, but we go even further. We give our client the tools to advertise SAT during events and create a double-page spread in the magazine URBA. More than an unparalleled service, SAT becomes a new membership incentive.