Urgel Bourgie / Lépine Cloutier

TV commercial


Urgel Bourgie and Lépine Cloutier have been working daily with grieving families for more than a century, and are committed to supporting their customers during a critical time and shedding light on grief, one of life’s universal hardships. The mandate involved highlighting Urgel Bourgie’s 120th anniversary, but also positioning the company as a support service.


Rollout Strategy, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Video Production

« … la douleur du deuil, d’abord fraîche et vive, vient à s’estomper grâce au support de la famille et à la reconnaissance du temps qui passe. »


With the past two years marked by the pandemic, people who were grieving the loss of a loved one felt particularly isolated and confused. This year, for the first time since 2020, the bereaved were able to find comfort in their family and friends during the holidays, a period that is naturally more difficult without a loved one present.

The idea came to illustrate, through a television ad, how the pain of bereavement, sharp and intense at first, eventually fades with the support of family members and the passing of time. Urgel Bourgie and Lépine Cloutier hoped to show, with empathy, that small moments of celebration return and life goes on. 


The concept was developed from a song by Vincent Vallières, “Le repère tranquille.” The lyrics inspired the creation of our protagonist, a man in his mid-sixties who lost his wife about two years ago. The loss is recent, but the pain less intense. We see him reflecting at his wife’s graveside on New Year’s Eve. He then rejoins his family, and realizes how precious every moment is. He learns to overcome his grief. 

By distilling the emotion to its simplest expression through slow motion close-ups, we unveil an ad that is touching and real. The final slogan helps us understand that life goes on and is worth celebrating. Visually, the focus is on nostalgia: the choice of clothing transcends the times, and the house is festive and exudes country charm, with its beautiful piano, natural Christmas tree and sparkling lights. The story’s ellipses allow each person to fill in the narrative and give it personal meaning. 


This 30-second pre-roll ad was broadcast on Radio-Canada, and on the radio-canada.ca and tou.tv platforms. It was also featured on social media as part of a digital campaign on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The launch marks Urgel Bourgie’s 120th anniversary.