Urgel Bourgie / Lépine Coutier



Urgel Bourgie and Lépine Cloutier d’Athos are leaders in the funeral service sector in the Greater Montreal and Quebec City regions, and wish to update their web platform with more intuitive navigation and a modernized brand image.


Web Design, Web Programming, Web Integration, Artistic Direction, Consulting Service, Design-writing, Graphic Design, Digital Strategy


The client is looking to position itself as a source of support for grieving families and offer their customers a platform that is intuitive and sensitive to their current state of mind. The web strategy thus involves dividing the content into three different sections for different users: planners (before the death), responders (at the time of death), and the bereaved (after the death). To create a dialogue around managing the process of grief, a blog will provide useful articles in support of those dealing with the loss of a loved one. The reinvented boutique section features new partnerships with Quebec brands and will offer a selection of wellness gifts for the bereaved.


Minimalism, humanity and intuition are the core concepts behind the design of the Urgel Bourgie and Lépine Cloutier websites. Calming white is used as the predominant colour to facilitate reading and comprehension. A gradient, textured turquoise, along with meticulously selected imagery, gives the platform a soothing, comforting tone. Each element is in its place so that an individual coping with the loss of a loved one can easily find answers to their questions and contact a consultant if needed. To this end, the three sections for the different users are all visible at a single glance—each can find what they need in the same place.


A blog will provide editorial material to help customers navigate the grieving process. Constant optimization of the site is planned though A/B testing, which will determine the performance of the different block layouts on the homepage. Finally, diverse communications are planned to promote the launch of the new website and celebrations related to Urgel Bourgie’s 120th anniversary.